Friday, September 30, 2011



Remember the days when you could type up your resume on an IBM typewriter, put your resume in an envelope, address it to a company running ads in the classified section of the newspaper, put it in the mail to get an immediate response for an interview? Those days are gone! With millions of Americans out of work, the challenge of competition out weighs the amount of job openings available on the job market today.

New technology has made it extremely challenging for even the most talented of candidates to find work. With social media and SEO (search engine optimization) playing a "key role" in whether a candidate's resume will ever make it into the hands of the hiring manager, or disappear in the black hole abyss of the company's database, never to be seen again.

Many companies have taken this new challenge and created new ways to make money from it.  New "Global Talent Development" companies, poping up everywhere to address the need in demand, have taken this new technology and created classes to help the newly unemployed candidates get through this transition. Life isn't over, it's only changing. 

They help these candidates understand how this new technology can work for them or against them. Many of the classes are based on many social media vehicles such as "Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook." showing candidates how to make the most of SEO and how to make it work in their favor.

Many of the newly unemployed candidates are from the "old school" so-to-speak, sending resumes through the mail. Many of the workers getting let go have been with their previous employers for fifteen plus years. Social media and online technology was really only at it's birth when many of these newly unemployed candidates where just starting their current roles and social media and SEO didn't exist at that time. Today's technology has really coined the phrase "old dogs can learn new tricks."

Written by: Donna Farrell

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